Headline operating profit1£102.1m£111.1m
Return on sales218.0%18.2%
Operating profit£77.9m£107.0m
Headline profit before taxation1£99.2m£107.8m
Profit before taxation£75.0m£103.7m
Headline operating cash flow3£81.6m£100.0m
Operating cash flow4£73.2m£96.8m
Net cash£12.3m£35.7m
Basic headline earnings per share539.5p43.8p
Basic earnings per share29.6p41.7p
Ordinary dividend per share615.1p14.4p
Special dividend per share610.0p20.0p
Return on capital employed719.0%20.7%
  1. Headline operating profit and headline profit before taxation exclude amortisation of acquired intangibles of £4.2m (2014: £3.9m), reorganisation costs of £20.0m (2014: £nil) and acquisition costs of £nil (2014: £0.2m).
  2. Return on sales is defined as headline operating profit as a percentage of revenue.
  3. Headline operating cash flow is defined as operating cash flow stated before cash flow relating to restructuring of £8.4m (2014: £3.0m) and acquisition costs of £nil (2014: £0.2m).
  4. Operating cash flow is defined as cash generated by operations of £134.5m (2014: £150.6m) less net capital expenditure of £61.3m (2014: £53.8m).
  5. A detailed reconciliation is provided in note 10.
  6. See note 9.
  7. Return on capital employed is defined as headline operating profit of £102.1m (2014: £111.1m) divided by the average of opening and closing capital employed of £538.4m (2014: £538.0m) as adjusted for certain items of goodwill written off. Capital employed is defined as net assets adjusted for net cash / (debt).





(2014: £609.1m)

Headline operating profit




(2014: £111.1m)

Dividend per share




(2014: 14.4p)

Headline earnings per share




(2014: 43.8p)